About UJA-Federation

Who We Are

For more than 90 years, UJA-Federation of New York has been a central force for communal planning and philanthropy in the New York Jewish community. We bring people together to support Jewish life, help those in need, and impact the issues that matter to us most as Jews and as New Yorkers. Working with more than 100 network beneficiary agencies, synagogues, and other Jewish organizations, our reach spans from New York to Israel to more than 60 other countries around the world, touching 4.5 million people each year.

Our Vision

We envision compassionate, interconnected, and inspired Jewish communities that encourage us to care for our neighbors, our communities, and others in need.

Our Mission

We care for those in need, strengthen the Jewish people, and inspire a passion for Jewish life and learning.

Caring is about the warm embrace of community.

We're enabling Jews to overcome crises, cope with the struggles of everyday life, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our caring hand extends to the poor, the elderly, Holocaust survivors, children and adults with disabilities and special needs, and the unemployed across the economic spectrum. We provide access to crucial human services to all New Yorkers, whoever they are, and Jews everywhere.

Strengthening is about Jewish peoplehood.

We're connecting Jews around the world to one another, building unity and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

For Jews facing adversity and untold hardship, we're a lifeline and a way home — a reminder that we are all part of one people — never alone and never forgotten.

Inspiring is about Jewish education and identity.

Our goal is to impart the Jewish values that inform everything we do — and to improve access to quality Jewish education.

We're reinvigorating the institutions that help shape Jewish life. Opening doors to Jews of every background. Teaching the next generation of communal leaders. Creating powerful learning experiences for children and adults.

We're building the foundation for tomorrow's Jewish community today.

For more information visit us at www.ujafedny.org.

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